The Husky 1991-1992

 For some reason I didn't take any shots of the running gear build. As usual I used the chassis as my work platform. Largely this was due to the fact that I normally don't have helpers on hand to lift the heavy body.  The choice of colour was determined by the upholstery which I had found in a local scrapyard in perfect condition. There's not a lot of choice when you have brown velour seats!
 Building the Husky used a vast quantity of twin-fast screws and at the time, for some reason I was not using an electric screwdriver. Result--tennis elbow! Still,  it got me out of marking exam. papers!  Paint choice was between cellulose and two pack, if I remember correctly, and, as I didn't have an air-fed mask,  my friendly neighbourhood paint shop suggested I use one pack. A drying time of sixteen hours was the drawback!
 As I look back at these pictures, I am truly in awe of the man behind the design.  
 The man himself
 Shipley Glen gets some use.
 I thought I had the first Husky on the road. I was one of five, I think
 On the way back from the first simple Mot. Those were the days.